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SONG FEATURE & WEB-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Songwriter:  GREG FRIIA Song Video: BONNIE TYLER Song: “You Try” Songwriters: Greg Friia, Mary Danna, Anthony Little, Andrew Lane GREG FRIIA Web-Exclusive Interview with M Music & Musicians magazine publisher, Merlin David   How did the idea of “You Try” come to you? I wrote this song with Mary Danna, Anthony Little and Los Angeles producer Andrew Lane. At the time, Andrew was producing... 


WHITE WIDOW A Psychological Thriller Austin-based Carla Patullo excels at gothed-out ’80s balladry—think Quarterflash or Bonnie Tyler on an Evanescence kick—and that’s the perfect sound for this imaginary film score about twisted romance. Spoiler alert: It ends with a dream of white horses, leaving plenty of mystery for the sequel.  Read More →
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