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Meet Jonathan Cilia Faro, an Italian-American opera singer who’s been making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He’s not only a talented vocalist but also an accomplished producer and actor, recognized by Julio Iglesias Jr. as having the “most powerful and passionate living voice.”

He was the first Italian vocalist to be a special guest at the La Musa Latino Awards and has shared the stage or created music with an impressive array of artists, including Michael W. Smith, Sergio Cammariere, The Alan Parsons Project, Desmond Child, Annalisa Minetti, Donny Most and Marc Martel.

Cilia Faro’s journey began in Sicily when he started learning music at just nine years old, eventually finding his voice during a music lesson. His love for opera blossomed when he heard Luciano Pavarotti’s “La Bohème” at the age of nine. He pursued his passion, receiving training from Gianna Buniato and Nicola Martinucci. He joined the Polyphonic Pentagram Choir, starting his solo career at 16.

He moved to Milan to record his first album Always Close to Me, which sold over 100,000 copies. Other albums Reborn and Symphony for Heaven marked more milestones in his evolving career—spreading his influence across international borders.

He is not just about music, he’s also deeply involved in charity work—aiding initiatives like building schools in India and Pakistan. He’s been honored with awards for his artistic and philanthropic efforts, and his powerful performances continue to garner global attention. His dedication to his craft, charitable endeavors and ability to captivate audiences make him an admirable artist.

Currently engaged in various international projects, including collaborations with renowned artists, his impact on the music scene remains strong. He’s shown his versatility by producing the EP Forte with Marc Martel, collaborating with Michael W. Smith on bilingual tracks and recording Christmas classics with Alan Parsons and Mari Burelle.

Cilia Faro is a distinguished tenor and best-selling Italian opera singer who arrived in America as an immigrant with a deep desire to uphold the essence of his journey. His mesmerizing and incomparable crossover musical abilities have garnered worldwide acclaim, leaving audiences captivated.

We talked with Jonathan Cilia Faro about the inspiration behind his music, what keeps him recording some of the world’s most beautiful music, and how he continues to make the dream of his youth come true.


with M Music & Musicians magazine publisher, Merlin David

It’s a well-known secret that Elvis Presley’s version of the Wally Gold / Aaron Schroeder “It’s Now or Never” was based on the Neopolitan “O Sole Mio” and Tony Martin’s “There’s No Tomorrow.” What made you want to combine these two songs for your duet with Vanessa Campagna?
Vanessa and I have two things in common—we are Italian-American and we love both of our worlds. We want to honor Luciano Pavarotti and Elvis in a hybrid version of this amazing classical Italian American song.

What one main thing did you learn about yourself after recording this new upcoming album?
I rediscovered the music made in 1970. It’s still the most beautiful music in the world. There is soul and personality, especially in iconic songs from The Godfather and Love Story. The music is rich in emotion, and the words are incredible and honest—like “Can’t Help Falling in Love” that Elvis sang.

How did this album evolve? Did one song inspire the rest of the album?
Tom Gramuglia, who is my partner in this production, and I strategized to choose the 16 most famous love songs that we all know and love. The arrangements combine the modern pop style with the classic symphonic—bringing together the best of both.

Tell us about one of the songs on the upcoming album that is the center of the album?
The center of the album is “Parla più piano” from The Godfather movies, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of the movie. Nino Rota is the Italian author of the song, so everything pivots around him. And since the title of the album is Romantico, all the lyrics on the album are about love, family and loyalty.

I know all the songs on this album are precious. Is there another song that you are especially glad squeaked by and made it onto this album collection?
“Amapola” is my beloved song and as you notice it’s the only song made with piano and voice. Why? Because the pianist is the one and only Jesus Molina, an incredible Columbian/Italian artist who understood the soul of the production and helped bring to life an amazing version of this Spanish song.

Was there a song produced differently that you expected?
“Guarda Che Luna”—I did not expect the rock style and the aggressive sound. In the beginning, I was not sure about it, but it turned into one of my favorites because in the end—I remembered that I am making this album for the world and not for myself.

Which songwriter/singer continues to influence you?
Paolo Marioni, an Italian songwriter who wrote “Mascagni” for Andrea Bocelli, has been my inspiration. He is also an amazing singer who helped me to fully understand that music is not only about technique but also about soul. Michael W. Smith, Gary Chapman and Sergio Cammariere have also been my influences—each in a separate way has given me something unique.

What tip can you offer aspiring singers?
Follow what your heart tells you because inspiration is a gift. If you try too hard to stay on topic and follow the style—you lose your real identity as an artist.

Which song, from your previous recordings, do you continue to include in almost every live show? Why is this song still so important to you?
“Nessun Dorma” is the song I include in all my live shows. It is 200 years old but it is still relevant today and inspires all who hear it with its power and profound message. For me, it is a song I learned in my youth and I have been performing it for 30 years.

Which 5 albums continue to inspire you?
Eye in the Sky (1982) — The Alan Parsons Project
In My Time (1993) — Yanni (with the track “Until the Last Moment”)
Se Stiamo Insieme (1991) — Riccardo Cocciante
The Greatest Hits (2019) — Pavarotti
Shepherd Moons (1991) — Enya

Tell us about a moment in your musical journey so far—that you are real proud of—and that continues to inspire you to keep making music.
The duet with Michael W. Smith! It was a dream of my youth that became true. Michael is real and everything that he has been singing reflects who he is. He is a great artist, an amazing man and a good friend.

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