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Bonnaroo 2018 LIVE Photography by Jeff Fasano

Bonnaroo 2018 LIVE Photography by Jeff Fasano   Julia / The Foxies   Vanessa Carlton SuperJam Honoring Tom Petty   SuperJam Honoring Tom Petty   Super Jam Honoring Tom Petty  Read More →


LIVE LESSONS Our experts reveal their strategies for achieving pristine live sound Sounding great live is every act’s goal—and it’s a challenge nearly all musicians face, from coffeehouse singer-songwriters to touring arena bands. Achieving perfect live sound can be complex, taking into account everything from room acoustics to microphone selection and placement, as well as the limitations of the house PA system. But with so many variables... 


CUTTING THE CORD Wireless sound offers freedom to roam the stage,but is it the right option for you? Anyone who’s caught a major live act in the last decade has seen and heard wireless technology in action. From stage-diving rock stars to tightly choreographed pop groups, wireless mics and instrument systems have redefined the live music experience. Long gone are the days of performers tethered to the stage with restricting cords. But is wireless... 


LIVE MICS Selecting the right microphone for your stage show is crucial to a sound performance “The microphone is the core of everything,” says veteran front-of-house engineer Andy Meyer. “If you don’t have your source properly miked, what good is a $2 million PA or a state-of-the-art mixing console? If the mics are terrible, a great performance doesn’t mean a thing.” It’s a challenge nearly all musicians face, from coffeehouse singer-songwriters... 
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