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Country music singer/songwriter Paige King Johnson writes songs that explore every facet of her life. Her songwriting highlights all the stages of life—faith, love, empowerment and the beauty of life’s simple moments. She finds confidence in taking your own path even when it looks different from the rest.

Johnson’s vocals shine through her creative lyrics, taking listeners on a journey of the lighthearted, fun side of love with her new single, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.”

If you learn Johnson’s story and realize her journey, you’ll find that she embodies talent and a dedicated work ethic. She is committed to honoring the unpretentious life of small towns and the way she grew up that helped build her character. She portrays life’s most precious moments in her music, and brings those moments to vivid life with her warm, evocative voice.

Paige King Johnson kicked off 2024 in full force at the Carolina Country Music Awards winning “Songwriter of the Year” during the ceremony. Continuing with that momentum, she is excited to release her current single, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.”

Born in a quiet North Carolina town just 22 miles south of Raleigh, as a young nine-year-old girl, Paige King Johnson spent her summers under the crepe myrtles imitating the styles of Loretta, Patsy, Waylon and Merle. Having a grandpa as her biggest fan also meant receiving the gift of her first guitar, a baby Taylor, and enrolling in lessons. As she grew older, Johnson added “opening act” to her resume, supporting chart-topping artists like Scotty McCreery, Neal McCoy and James Otto.

Upon starting school at Belmont University for Music Business, Johnson honed in on the magic that had heavily influenced her as a child: the art of storytelling through songwriting. The famous Bluebird Café was just one of many writers’ circuits around Nashville that provided a safe space for Johnson to meet other writers.

In the past four years, Johnson has traveled back and forth between Nashville and the Carolinas, playing shows like the North Carolina State Fair and running her dinner theater, Country on the Outskirts of Town, that she founded in high school. Johnson’s quarterly show provides an atmosphere for locals to enjoy Southern cooking, fellowship with friends, and the sounds of classic and current country
music with some gospel thrown in.

A four-time Carolina Country Music Awards Winner for Female Vocalist of the Year, Country Emerging New Artist, Single of the Year and Tour of the Year, Johnson’s devoted homegrown fan base continues to expand farther than just her backyard.

In our web-exclusive interview with Paige King Johnson, we were able to find that playful side of life that is integral to her music—and the way she lives life and finds meaning in life’s simple moments.

Tell us something unique about writing the song.
I wrote this song with Terri Jo Box and Scott Sean White—a little over a year ago. This is the fourth or fifth song we’ve written together, and it was honestly just one of those writes where we didn’t labor over anything too long. We went with our gut and tried to write something relatable. And in the end, we came out with a really great song that was clever, yet conversational, which is always the goal.

Why was it important to record this song?
I think there’s plenty of love songs in the world, but not a lot of funny love songs. We had a lot of fun writing this song because of the sarcasm and lightheartedness. I think that being able to have fun and joke around with the person you love is one of the most important things in a relationship.

Terri Jo Box, Scott Sean White and I really just sat back and tried to have fun while writing this song. It’s all tongue and cheek—trying to bring to light the laughter and light heartedness that I believe is necessary in any marriage or long term relationship. Not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy just having fun with my husband, Griffin whether it’s singing him funny songs like this, or making up crazy dances or telling bad jokes. Somebody’s gotta do it!

What did you learn about yourself after recording this song?

After recording and playing this song live, quite a bit, I’ve learned that even in the mundane everyday tasks of being in a marriage or long term relationship, there’s always new joy and laughter to be found. This song never fails to get a laugh from people, but couples always end up smiling at each other and hugging or holding hands too, which is really sweet to see.


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