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Rising inspirational pop singer-songwriter NEDY, spreads a message of self-love and strength with the release of her latest single, “Fuel.” It’s a follow-up to “Made to Be,” which served as a guiding light to prove that all should embrace their unique qualities and not give attention to those who make us feel inferior—especially people who want to bully others. She continues in this path of positive power.

There have always been those whose hearts dance to the beat of a different drum, those who see the world in a different way, and those who find our differences far more beautiful and intriguing than our similarities. NEDY is one of those people. But what sets her apart from the crowd is the fact that she is now gathering all of her differences and infusing them into the creation of music specifically meant for a new generation of outcasts. Armed with an enchanting spirit, a strong faith and an impressive musical talent, NEDY is an inspirational pop artist poised to lead her loyal fandom into a brighter future.

NEDY’s new single “Fuel” evokes fun, pop summer vibes while her songwriting flows from the heart in a path of positive power.

The youngest of three children, NEDY was born in Salt Lake City into a lower middle-class family who eventually planted their roots in Texas—a sweet girl with discount store shoes on her feet and music playing on repeat inside her head. Inspired by her uncle who worked as a professional Latin singer, NEDY would spend hours trying to impersonate her uncle’s moves and stage presence—developing a strong desire to learn how to play the guitar, if only she had one.

Within a crowded swap meet, NEDY’s mother picked up an old guitar. She now constantly heard rhythms in her head. “My sixth-grade teacher would always call me out to remind me that this wasn’t drum class,” NEDY chuckles. “But I just couldn’t help it.” Soon, her Mom used child support money from the divorce and bought her a piano from a local thrift store.

At 22, NEDY began writing her own songs. And soon, she came to realize that she had a purpose that would ultimately drive her to make music with a message—that would point to something bigger than herself, encourage and inspire people—that she needed to hear as much as anyone else.

Now living just outside the city limits of Nashville, NEDY is releasing new music that she believes will serve as the cornerstone to a new chapter in her career. Existing as the sturdy foundation to that cornerstone was her recent single “Made to Be,” a proclamation of sorts that finally declares all she is. From her artistic soul to her ongoing resolutions to never again try to mold into someone else’s expectations, this is the music that NEDY has waited a lifetime to create.

“People who are different are the ones that make the difference,” she says proudly. “I want to take my differences and I want to make an impact by using them for good.

NEDY’s new single “Fuel” evokes fun, pop summer vibes while her songwriting flows from the heart in a path of positive power.


NEDY Interview
with M Music & Musicians magazine publisher, Merlin David


What is one main thing you learned about yourself after recording “Fuel”?
No matter how much time passes, there are still always going to be haters in your life—but it’s up to you what you do with that hate. After writing and recording “Fuel,” I felt that I had turned something that was very negative and hurtful for me—into something positive to help fuel me and others: Fuel to achieve my dreams—fuel to encourage others to pursue theirs.

How did this song idea come to you?
It was more a series of incidents—a handful of different experiences with different people who were my critics and naysayers. People that I know who even though I would consider them my “friends” are actually low-key haters. In my experience, there seems to be more of those—the more successful you become or the more you follow your dreams.

Who originally inspired you to write songs?
Songwriting came from a natural desire to express myself through poetry. Those poems turned into songs, after I took voice lessons and learned how to sing. That when I said, “Ok, here’s how I feel. Let me try to sing how I feel and see what happens from there.”

What songwriting tip would you offer?
For anyone thinking about songwriting or already pursuing it, speak from a sincere place. Those kinds of songs usually make the most impact. People can see through something that’s not authentic. Being still and asking myself, “Ok, what am I trying to say here?”—that helps me get a clear message throughout the song.

What instruments/equipment can you not live without?
Three things: my voice, a piano and guitar. I have a beautiful pedal that I got a few months ago and I love the sound. It’s Jack White’s Triplegraph (from CopperSound). I love a good fat beat, so definitely can’t live without drums.

Which Top 5 Musicians inspired you to become a musician?
My Uncle, Gerardo Valdivia from pop duo Matricula 2. He was a professional Sony Music Latin recording artist when I was a kid. Also, Jimi Hendrix, Alanis Morissette, Jack Johnson and Red Hot Chili Peppers—had huge influences on me growing up, along with many others.

What are your Top 5 favorite albums of all time?
Jagged Little Pill (1995) — Alanis Morissette
By the Way (2002) — Red Hot Chili Peppers
Brushfire Fairytales (2001) — Jack Johnson
Let Go (2002) — Avril Lavigne
Are You Experienced (1967) — The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Tell us a “pinch me” moment when you thought “Wow, this is really happening to me!
The day I released “Made to Be” and my publicist called me and said, “Are you sitting down? People wants to feature you.”

In this unique socio-political climate, how do you remain hopeful?
There’s this great Ralph Abernathy quote I heard a long time ago: “I don’t know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future.”

What is the best advice you’d give to your teenage self?
Focus—keep believing in yourself, even if others don’t see your vision. Keep pushing and focus.

Tell us about “Made to Be” and why it’s still so important to you.
The message holds true for me and I think that’s such a nice feeling—when you can sing something that always holds true. That message is: Always remember that even though people may have different opinions about you, it’s important to just be you—and who you were made to be. We have great innate human value—and that truth is so freeing and powerful.

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