HOMETOWN: Hartford, Conn.
INFLUENCES: Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Billie Holiday
ALBUM: Music Speaks EP, out now
WEBSITE: aprilkry.com

 Pop-rock singer-songwriter April Kry embarked upon her music career in a traditional setting—growing up singing in the church where her father served as a worship leader. Kry moved around a lot as a child in central Connecticut, and music eased her loneliness. “I found that music was my escape from reality when I had nowhere else to go,” she says. After years of practicing her vocal craft, Kry eventually turned to songwriting, feeling her songs could communicate emotions that others found difficult to express. “I started writing music four or five years ago,” she says, “because I wanted to be the voice for people who didn’t know what to say.” While Kry worked as a nanny to pay bills, she traveled often to New York City where her grandmother lived, and soon began performing there in nightclubs.

The result of Kry’s musical efforts is her debut EP, Music Speaks, which weaves the disparate strands of soul, jazz and pop into a six-song set of heartbreaking ballads and uplifting anthems of empowerment. Kry, 22, has shared the stage alongside entertainers including the late Donna Summer and Jermaine Jackson, and in the studio has worked with TV’s The Voice champion Javier Colon and producer Tom Jackson (Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks). The ability to collaborate with industry heavyweights has been especially gratifying.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the industry thus far,” says Kry, who splits her time between Nashville and New York City. While she continues to make high-profile connections, the most important relationship for Kry is the one she shares with her audience. “The only reason why I’m doing this is to put a smile on your face,” she says, “or maybe bring up an emotion that has been hidden for a while. Music brings us all  together. It’s a universal language.”

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