HOMETOWN: New Orleans
MEMBERS: “Keon B” Brown (vocals), Blair Taylor (music)
ALBUM: New Frequency EP, out now
WEBSITE: speakersmusic.com

Blair Taylor was getting established as a go-to musician and producer in his native New Orleans when singer and rapper Keon B moved to town from Waynesboro, Ga. When Keon heard Taylor’s production work, he was impressed enough to try contacting him. “I called and texted Blair for a whole year after hearing this CD, and he never responded. I’m still mad about it,” he says with a laugh. The two were finally introduced by a mutual friend, and found common musical ground immediately. “Most of the artists who came to me were doing R&B and rap,” Taylor says. “Keon was trying to do pop, and I was ready to branch out into other genres.” The two formed speakers and relocated to L.A. “What motivates us is trying to figure out how to communicate,” Keon says. “We were given this ability, and we want to use it to help change people’s lives.”

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