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Country music singer-songwriter Paige King Johnson’s upbeat song “American Beauty” highlights all the stages of finding confidence in taking your own path even when it looks different from the rest. Johnson’s strong vocals shine through the creative lyrics, taking listeners on a journey of growth and change.

Johnson embodies talent and a dedicated work ethic. She is committed to honoring the unpretentious life of small towns and the way she grew up that helped build her character. She portrays life’s most precious moments in her music, and brings those moments to vivid life with her warm, evocative voice.

Born in a quiet North Carolina town just 22 miles south of Raleigh, as a young nine-year-old girl, Paige King Johnson spent her summers under the crepe myrtles imitating the styles of Loretta, Patsy, Waylon and Merle. Having a grandpa as her biggest fan also meant receiving the gift of her first guitar – a baby Taylor – and enrolling in lessons. After her grandpa passed, the bright-eyed dreamer carried on his memory by taking her newfound discovery to local fairs, festivals, and any other stage she was allowed to stand on. As she grew older, Johnson opened for chart-topping artists like Scotty McCreery, Neal McCoy, Luke Pell and James Otto. With high school graduation, came the realization that this was more than a hobby. The Angier native traded in horse pastures and back roads for the bright lights of Music City in 2015. Upon starting school at Belmont University for Music Business, Johnson honed in on the magic that had heavily influenced her as a child: the art of storytelling through songwriting.

Johnson partnered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as their Musical Ambassador for their “Got to Be NC” Campaign. The partnership connects the farming and music industry, shining light on how they both have the power to serve communities and touch lives. Johnson is excited to blend two of her passions in order to make a difference in the towns in her home state. A three-time Carolina Country Music Awards Winner for Female Vocalist of the Year, Country Emerging New Artist and Tour of the Year, Johnson’s devoted homegrown fan base continues to expand beyond the small towns that inspired her songs.

With insight gained through discipline and hard work, and a nod to the legends she respects, Paige King Johnson writes from the heart and sings with fervor—making music that shines as strong as the early morning sun.


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What is one main thing you learned about yourself after recording your EP Big Girl World?
I truly feel like the learning curve or epiphany happened for me during the writing process of Big Girl World. I was a writer on all the songs and in some way, my story of growing up and being on my own for the first time was in each of those songs. They were stories of heartbreak, moving away from home, watching friends get married, falling in love and so much more—and they were songs I needed to write.

Tell us a little about your songwriting process and how the idea of “American Beauty” came to you.
I wrote “American Beauty” with two fellow Belmont alum—Regan Rousseau and Nicole Beaubien. They’d started working on this song and sent it to me on a whim—saying they both thought of me from the start. We worked on this song together for a couple of hours. I immediately believed in its message of female empowerment and encouragement. I think we all can use these words, and all three of us women probably needed to hear them the most—when we wrote it.

Why is a song like “Homes in the Hometowns” especially close to you?
I grew up living out every line of a country song—I lived on a farm, rode horses, showed sheep and got stuck behind more tractors on the road than I can count. Rural farming towns have always felt like home to me because that’s where I was raised. Most of our family friends were farmers and we heard their stories day in and day out. In the world we live in today, I feel like so many people lose sight of the importance of farm families—so I wrote this song to hopefully shed a new light on their hard work and dedication to our livelihood.

Who originally inspired you to write songs?
Loretta Lynn made me fall in love with the art of storytelling in country music. Her songs have always been so raw and full of real emotion. Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved her music and the way she unapologetically told her stories. And Lori McKenna made me want to be a better songwriter. She has a way of using words and phrases in a way you would never think of, but they always work so well and hit so deep.

What songwriting tip would you like to offer?
Write every song you start—even if you don’t think it’s a good one. Write it!

What instruments/equipment can you not live without?
I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to equipment. As long as I have my Taylor guitar and a quiet space to think and sing freely, I’m good. I’ve played Taylor guitars from the very beginning when my Papa bought me my first guitar—a Baby Taylor. So playing Taylor guitars now makes me feel close to him when I’m creating.

With insight gained through discipline and hard work, and a nod to the legends she respects, Paige King Johnson writes from the heart and sings with fervor—making music that shines as strong as the early morning sun.

Which Top 5 Musicians inspired you to become a musician?
Loretta Lynn, Lori McKenna, Miranda Lambert, George Strait and Merle Haggard.

What are your Top 5 favorite albums of all time?
The Tree (2018) — Lori McKenna
Platinum (2014) — Miranda Lambert
Same Trailer Different Park (2013) — Kacey Musgraves
Twang (2009) — George Strait
Coal Miner’s Daughter (1971) — Loretta Lynn

Tell us a “pinch me” moment when you thought “Wow, this is really happening to me!
I’ve had a couple of these moments so far in my career, but one of the best has been getting to know and work with the legend, Pam Tillis. I was introduced to Pam a few years ago after she heard my song “Just Like You” and wanted to get involved with my career as a young artist. Over the years, Pam has produced a few of my music videos, but more than that—she has become a dear friend and mentor for me as a woman in country music. I’m so grateful for her friendship.

During this pandemic and in this unique socio-political climate, how do you remain hopeful?
I’ve always been a pretty optimistic person. I challenge myself to keep my eyes on the positive things and pray that more will come my way. I lean on my friends and family, a lot, to lift me up when I’m feeling low. And I lean on my faith—every day—to keep me grounded and hopeful for what’s to come.

What is the best advice someone has given you?
I can’t remember who told me this, but very early on in my career as an artist, I was told to always remain true to myself. This seems like common sense, but in this industry it can be very easy to lose yourself in the lights, glam and clothes. Remember that the image you create for yourself as an artist—from the very beginning—will follow you for the rest of your life. So, you better make sure it’s one you’re proud of.

Where can new fans get more info and stay updated?
Facebook: @PaigeKingJohnson
Instagram: @PaigeKingJohnson
YouTube Channel:

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