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Veteran photographer Jeff Fasano has 5 days to go for his Kickstarter campaign—to publish his first fine-art book: AMERICANA PORTRAIT SESSIONS.

For a $100 pledge, you can choose to get an autographed copy of his book and a choice of a signed B&W Silver Gelatin Print (one of six B&W photos). There are also options for one of three Color Fine Art Pigment Photo Prints. Today, we feature the back story of one of the prints.

Stephen Stills & Judy Collins

We talked with Jeff Fasano about his portrait of JUDY COLLINS & STEPHEN STILLS:

This was shot in Judy’s huge apartment on the upper West Side. Katherine DePaul was working with Judy and she called me around 9 AM that morning and asked me what I was doing. She said, Judy is doing her record with Stephen Stills and he will be here. I wanted to watch them play and record. I remember knocking on her door, and before the door opened, I could hear Stephen singing. And I just stood there and it was a moment—I was listening to Stephen Stills sing. When he stopped, I tapped on the door and Katherine opened the door and I walked in. And Judy did what she always does—she said, “Oh, Jeff’s here! Stephen—you have to meet Jeff Fasano. He’s the best photographer.” Judy is always so genuine and caring. She always uplifts others. It was a duets album and she had Joan Baez and a couple others on that album. I did a whole bunch of photographs and that’s the photo I liked the most.

Another funny, memorable part of that photo shoot was when Stephen was leaving—it informed me so much about Judy’s character. Judy is so caring that she said, “Stephen, do you have enough money for a cab?” These are people who each have so much money and yet, she was concerned about the small details. Katherine and I looked at each other and smiled. I felt like it went back to their relationship when maybe they didn’t have money and they just watched out for each other. She knows Stephen so well and he turned around and said, “Oh wow, I don’t. I don’t even have my wallet with me.” Judy then turned to her husband and he gave him some like $20 for a cab. Stephen left and I also remember that he actually left his SLR camera at Judy’s place that day. That was the night that Crosby Stills & Nash opened the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame show at Madison Square Garden—and Stephen was in town for that event. It was amazing to see Judy and Stephen interact with each other—and it comes through in this photograph.

To pledge your support for Jeff Fasano’s book AMERICANA PORTRAIT SESSIONS, you can now pre-order this first comprehensive photography book of the Artists of Americana Music via his Kickstarter project. Many of these portraits were photographed at AmericanaFest in Nashville.

Here’s the link to order the book and see the project:

For every generation, a photographer emerges who captures the essence of the soul of the music that defines that generation. Jeff Fasano’s indelible images of the Americana music format have become part of the fabric of this amalgam of music that includes the best of storytellers whose music emotionally moves the listener—and transcends the life we live.

Jeff Fasano’s unparalleled access to stars like Sheryl Crow, Judy Collins & Stephen Stills, John Oates, The Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, Rhiannon Giddens, Vince Gill, Keb’ Mo’, Lucinda Williams, Margo Price, Jewel, The McCrary Sisters and Kris Kristofferson gives it the kind of authority that comes from vast experience. It’s a book of intimate portraits that reveals the strength, heart, soul and musical genius of these great artists.

Jeff Fasano’s AMERICANA PORTRAIT SESSIONS is his visual essay of the stories of their life—capturing unforgettable moments of their musical journey. Watch these unrivaled photographs as they light your soul, listen to your heart reflect their treasured experiences and let them transcend your boundaries as you simply enjoy the ride.

John Oates




Chris & Rich Robinson (of The Black Crowes)

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