Top 5 UAD Master Bus Plugins

Sometimes you don’t have time to go through every single track with EQs, compressors and spatial effects to make a rough mix sparkle for yourself or your clients. You just need something quick. Here are five invaluable UAD plugins to help your roughs sound more like final mixes. You can even download them from UAD for a free trial before you buy.

UAD Precision Limiter
Raise your level

By now, we’re all familiar with the volume creep of contemporary mixes. It’s fair to say most engineers these days bemoan the lack of dynamics and dearth of breathing room. But when clients continually say “these mixes are way too soft” (and you can’t get there because of the red lights in your DAW) this is the tool you need. Use it as your last insert on the master bus, try out a couple of presets (Standard-A, Happy Medium or Gentle Acoustic) tweak the input, output and release, and you’ll get closer to the brick wall than you ever wanted to. Your clients won’t have to fiddle with the volume anymore.

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