Top 5 UAD Master Bus Plugins

Sometimes you don’t have time to go through every single track with EQs, compressors and spatial effects to make a rough mix sparkle for yourself or your clients. You just need something quick. Here are five invaluable UAD plugins to help your roughs sound more like final mixes. You can even download them from UAD for a free trial before you buy.

UAD Precision Equalizer
Subtle yet effective

Sometimes rough mixes don’t really need to be hyped. Perhaps you don’t quite need the sheen of the Manley, but want just a little something extra. That’s where this plug-in comes in handy. Just inserting it on your master bus without any actual EQ does something to the mix—making it sound a little more professional—more honest. Not heavy-handed at all, but just right. A favorite preset to start from is “Subtle Sweetening” under the “Acoustic” menu.

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