Old Glory & the Wild Revival


This 22-year-old will fit right in at this summer’s Buffalo Chip Festival in Sturgis, S.D., and Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary shindig in Milwaukee, Wis., where bikers well schooled in gnarly blues rock will hear in his stinging riffs echoes of all the greats. Nichols has been honing his Clapton/SRV guitar heroics since his early teens, and he’s jammed with “Honeyboy” Edwards, “Big Jim” Johnson and other awesomely nicknamed genre OGs. He’s also absorbed some Aerosmith, and working with that band’s engineer Warren Huart, he’s made an EP of crossover-ready neoclassical rock. It’s easy to imagine Steven Tyler and Joe Perry having a hit with “Let You Go,” so if all else fails, this shredder may have a sideline in songwriting.


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