Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

[Vagrant/Rough Trade]

There’s something so exquisitely retro about the third studio album from this L.A. 10-piece that you have to look twice to confirm its dozen raspy, romping tracks weren’t cut in the early ’60s. While bandleader Alex Ebert and frontwoman Jade Castrinos don’t sing together on every track, standouts such as “Two” find their voices rising above the twangy guitar and disco-style keyboards, melding into the type of harmony you might hear on an old Charlie’s Angels episode. “Better Days,” is sure to get years of regular play on multiple satellite-radio stations. Ebert has described the record as “raw and rambunctious,” but the material transcends buzzwords and easy categorization. It spans folk, jazz and gospel to straight-up rock—all played with an old-school vibe. –SF


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