Bob-Schneider-M-Review-No28BOB SCHNEIDER

Burden of Proof


Austin-based singer-songwriter Bob Schneider has enjoyed a storied career, fronting an eclectic array of hometown bands before going it alone on such acclaimed solo albums as Lonelyland, I’m Good Now and Lovely Creatures. Major label affiliations and more than two-dozen local music awards have raised his profile, but the big breakthrough fans have sadly failed to materialize. Whether the aptly titled Burden of Proof reverses Schneider’s fortunes, it’s certainly a varied album that offers something for everyone. Schneider adopts the deep croon of an introspective troubadour on “Digging for Icicles” and “Hop on the World,” and explores upbeat pop on “Best Day Ever.” He also proves his mettle with “John Lennon,” which begins as a lament for the late Beatle and becomes a wistful requiem on romance. It’s all done with a savvy that suggests Schneider’s career may yet ignite. –Lee Zimmerman


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