SESAC honored its stellar roster of top film and television composers with the annual SESAC Film & Television Composers Awards Dinner. The invitation-only event was held on June 7, at the chic Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, CA, and celebrated the composers of music featured in 2011’s biggest films, primetime television shows and cable programs.

The SESAC event bestows awards to music composers in the categories of Network TV, Local TV, Cable TV and Film Composing.   With over 60 awards given during the evening, some of the most highly rated shows acknowledged were Grey’s Anatomy, Dateline NBC, Parenthood, Two And A Half Men and House among many others. 

A major highlight of the evening was the Legacy Award presentation to composer/musician Bruce Miller in recognition of “his outstanding contribution to the world of music” he has made through musicianship, creativity, professional leadership or entrepreneurial contributions. Miller has composed music for such television shows as “Frasier”, “Designing Women” and “Becker” as well as his work on the groundbreaking documentary, “A Man From Hope”, that was a integral part of the Bill Clinton presidential campaign. Miller was on hand to accept the award in front of his family and colleagues.


Legacy Award winner Bruce Miller (center) with SESAC’s Dennis Lord & Erin Collins.

SESAC’s Erin Collins with composer Christophe Beck and SESAC’s James Leach.


SESAC’s Erin Collins, composer Danny Lux and SESAC’s James Leach

SESAC’s Erin Collins, composer Tim Mosher and SESAC’s James Leach and Hunter Williams

SESAC’s Hunter Williams and Erin Collins with composer Joe Conlan and SESAC’s James Leach


Composers Jay Lazaroff and Craig Sharmat with SESAC’s Hunter Williams.

Award-winning composers Matt Mariano and John Swihart


Noa Ehrlich, Jon Ehrlich, Leigh Roberts and Jason Derlatka



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