iOS-fueled versatile stompbox

Over the past several years Harman-owned DigiTech, HardWire and DOD have released a number of outstanding and innovative guitar products. The iStomp downloads these successes into what DigiTech describes as an e-pedal. While the iStomp functions like a traditional pedal, it can be reconfigured to virtually any guitar effect. Download the free Stomp Shop app and configure the iStomp by connecting DigiTech’s Smart Cable to your iOS device. In about as much time as it takes you to download a song, you can switch between the included Redline Overdrive and Total Recall Digital Delay. There are more than 20 in-app purchases available, including a model of the DOD Overdrive 250, made famous by Yngwie Malmsteen. You can even try new models before you buy them, an innovation long overdue in the iOS space.

–Doug Doppler


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