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Digitech highlights @ WINTER NAMM 2013

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DIGITECH IPB-10 PROGRAMMABLE PEDALBOARD Pedalboard simplicity and flexibility The DigiTech iPB-10 is the world’s first programmable pedalboard fueled by an iPad. Packed with 87 pedals, 54 amps and 26 cabinets, there’s a ton of onboard tone. The iPad touch screen makes it easy to adjust settings, swap out gear, and organize your presets and setups. Each setup holds up to 10 pedals, one amp and one cabinet. Five setup buttons and five assignable... 


DIGITECH iSTOMP iOS-fueled versatile stompbox Over the past several years Harman-owned DigiTech, HardWire and DOD have released a number of outstanding and innovative guitar products. The iStomp downloads these successes into what DigiTech describes as an e-pedal. While the iStomp functions like a traditional pedal, it can be reconfigured to virtually any guitar effect. Download the free Stomp Shop app and configure the iStomp by connecting DigiTech’s... 


DIGITECH JAMMAN DELAY Back at you FOR: Great-sounding guitar-driven loops and delays. The JamMan Delay makes it easy to create, overdub, store and archive loops via USB, and has become the pedal of choice for numerous loopheads. In the ’70s King Crimson’s Robert Fripp tethered two tape machines together to create endless guitar loops—could he have imagined that someday 35 minutes of loop memory, nine rhythmic backing tracks and beat-synched... 
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