[Yep Roc]

You’re almost certainly wondering what FOMO means, so let’s clear that up: It’s an acronym that stands for “fear of missing out,” a common affliction of musicians who are always on the road. Liam Finn devotes his sophomore record to combating that feeling with a batch of pop songs buoyant enough to brighten the occasional dark spot. Finn, the son of Crowded House leader Neil Finn, delivers catchy melodies in a strong, clear voice that cuts through gritty guitar on “Reckless” and a stormy, synth-heavy arrangement on “The Struggle.” He dials in a lazily seductive vibe on “Real Late,” assisted by slinky interplay between bass and piano, and gets reflective on the waltz-time “Chase the Seasons.” FOMO always sounds like Finn, but there’s plenty of variation from song to song—almost as if he channeled his worry about missing out on life into making sure he got his arms around as much music as possible instead. —Eric R. Danton

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