Land Like a Bird

[Thirty Tigers]

With Land Like a Bird, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Amy Speace has created a hypnotic set of songs that may be her best effort yet. She coos and croons through “Drive All Night,” “Galbraith Street” and “Ghost,” and assumes the role of nocturnal chanteuse on the alluring “It’s Too Late to Call It a Night.” There’s a decided sadness in Speace’s aching vocals and weary laments, and when she wails, “When are you ever going to change for me?” on the gently pulsating “Change for Me,” her hopeless entreaty becomes all the more despondent. Even in this bittersweet and often shifting sonic terrain, there’s a most seductive brew boiling in the pot. No wonder, then, that the lovely Land Like a Bird ends up sounding every bit as graceful as its title implies. –Lee Zimmerman

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