INFLUENCES: Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder
ALBUM: Brendan James, out now

After the release of his 2008 debut, The Day Is Brave, singer and pianist Brendan James toured relentlessly for 18 months. Along the way (by his count), he performed in 40 states, stayed in 210 hotels and ate at 330 restaurants. The goal was to build a fan base the old-fashioned way, one convert at a time. “The tour gave me a new understanding of myself as a performer,” he says. “I’ve definitely evolved as a musician, which gave me the confidence to be more adventurous on my new record.” James recorded his

self-titled sophomore effort with producer Warren Huart in Los Angeles, where he now lives. “Pursuing a career in music has been one hell of a challenge,” he says. “But everyone has their own individual pursuit they are trying to achieve, and for me it is sharing my music with as many people as humanly possible.”

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