Blue Rock aLive!

Blue Rock aLIVE! – every Thursday night this Summer:
Virtual Concert Series, July 9 – August 27 at 7:30 PM CDT

Join Blue Rock Studio’s Virtual Concert Series featuring Austin’s own: Ruthie Foster, Matt the Electrician, Tina & Walt Wilkins, David Ramirez, Carrie Rodriguez, Billy Crockett, Danny Schmidt & Carrie Elkin, and Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines.

For Blue Rock aLIVE! Virtual Concert Series Tickets and SEASON PASSES, go to:
A Season Pass (tax excluded) is only $105. All proceeds go directly to the artists and support the Blue Rock team. This is such an amazing offer that you may want to buy a gift for someone you know.

Live shows are a way musicians engage with their audience. Blue Rock is a good example of innovation, quality and creativity. They have figured out a way to bring beloved, iconic Austin artists directly to you.

You will get to see Austin Singer-Songwriters featured at Blue Rock, live from stage with full sound production and video—streamed straight to you. One fun aspect of this series is that you can literally get your head in the game—so to speak. All Season Pass holders send in their headshots, and they will be placed in seats. Blue Rock will also provide a private forum, a hangout—all summer long, for people to talk with artists and talk with others who are part of their community.

We talked with Blue Rock’s Billy Crockett to find out more about this unique concert series: “Things have changed in the culture of artists and performing venues. It seemed like we were tailor-made for a concert series. A lot of artists are broadcasting from their kitchen, but not many are doing it from venues. We have experience doing the broadcasts, and our audience feels we are good at it. We can do a broadcast and leave it setup for the next performance.”

“We have tried to come up with ways that our community will also feel like they are really a part of it. The artists’ fans can be engaged and charmed by our approach. The artist is going to perform on stage for over an hour, every Thursday night this summer, and it’s going to be spiked with a couple of things. One of the ways we are going to do something fun and have our audience look forward to this is that everybody who buys a Season Pass—they send us their headshot, and we print it and put it in a chair.”


With these headshots, all the Season Pass holders will literally be sitting in the room. So when Ruthie Foster takes the stage, she will actually see the faces of the people watching her perform.

Here are Blue Rock’s Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Season Pass:
10. Look forward to Thursdays—every week, all summer.
9. The 48% discount means only $13 per show!
8. Great chair, great beverage + Ruthie Foster on the big screen!
7. Primo spot in the “PAPER AUDIENCE.” Yes, they print your face.
6. Exclusive access to online prizes—links to inside stuff.
5. Artists will thank you for it.
4. Blue Rock needs to get back to work.
3. You LOVE the music, you NEED the music.
2. You miss the big-hearted music community.
1. You can play-along and sing-along in your PJs.

Each event is produced in broadcast quality audio-video from Blue Rock’s renowned Texas room. Covid-clean protocols for artists and crew followed in full. Benefits of a SEASON PASS: Eight shows at a deep discount (48% discount means only $13 per show), access to the private Facebook community and bonus features.

For Blue Rock aALIVE! Virtual Concert Series Tickets and SEASON PASSES ($105), go to:
Make this summer even more memorable—by enjoying live music every Thursday night.

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