JOE BONAMASSA – “Blues of Desperation” music video

Joe Bonamassa has again joined forces with longtime producer Kevin Shirley to deliver Blues of Desperation, an adventurous 12th studio album by a phenomenal American blues rock guitarist. The black and white cover art of this 2016 album punctuates the deep sentiment of the 11 original tracks that continues Bonamassa’s journey deeper into blues rock by adding new dimensions to his trademark style. With the help of ace Nashville songwriters James House, Gary Nicholson, Tom Hambridge, Jerry Flowers and Jeffrey Steele, Bonamassa explores the emotional side of his music while pushing new boundaries with the strength of his powerful guitar prowess. His soulful vocals only enhance the delivery of his exceptional performance that has a little bit of something for strong blues idealists, rock devotees, and fans of well-crafted songs.

Of his decade-long collaboration with Shirley, Bonamassa says, “I can explain our relationship with one word—‘trust.’ I completely trust Kevin and his musical promptings. He pushes my musical ability by challenging me to not just rest on my laurels or settle for ‘good.’ He expects more out of the other musicians as well, and will not hold back when he sees us falling back into our usual routine.”

Bonamassa continues to surround himself with like-minded musicians who are well-known for their masterful delivery: drummers Anton Fig and Greg Morrow, bassist Michael Rhodes, keyboardist Reese Wynans, horn players Lee Thornburg, Paulie Cerra and Mark Douthit, along with singers Mahalia Barnes, Jade MacRae and Juanita Tippins.

Producer Shirley helps Bonamassa by using innovative methods—sometimes even ruffling feathers. “I wanted him to work a little harder, like in his early years,” he says, “so I brought in an additional drummer, just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.” Of the results, Shirley raves, “Recording ‘Blues of Desperation’ is one of the most exciting recording projects I’ve done. What a joyful noise we made!”

While listening to these 11 tracks, you can easily see that Bonamassa sincerely hopes you enjoy this joyful ride while he explores a new landscape:

  1. This Train
  2. Mountain Climbing
  3. Drive
  4. No Good Place for The Lonely
  5. Blues of Desperation
  6. The Valley Runs Low
  7. You Left Me Nothin’ But the Bill and the Blues
  8. Distant Lonesome Train
  9. How Deep This River Runs
  10. Livin’ Easy
  11. What I’ve Known for a Very Long Time



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