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Lauren Daigle is the fastest selling new artist in Contemporary Christian music in the past decade. Her debut album reached #1 on the iTunes Christian Gospel Top Albums Chart with more than 270,000 album sales and 730,000 track sales. She has almost 50 million YouTube and Vevo views, with about 200,000 subscribers. “How Can It Be” alone has had more than 14 million views.

Daigle, who recently received her first Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album” at the 58th Grammy Awards, has been on top of the charts this past year. Her debut full-length album, How Can It Be, has spent five weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart, and debuted in the Top 30 on the Billboard 200. She earned her first No. 1 single on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart with “Trust in You” in March. She has been nominated for two Billboard Music Awards—Top Christian Artist and Top Christian Album. The ABC show will air May 22.

Daigle has also won three Dove Awards (nominated for four)—“New Artist of the Year,” “Song of the Year” (“How Can It Be”) and “Contemporary Song of the Year (“How Can It Be”). Her singles “How Can It Be” and “First” both reached #1 on the iTunes Christian Songs Chart and #1 on the Christian Digital Tracks Chart with “First” also reaching #1 on the NCA radio chart.

On May 6, Centricity Music released a deluxe edition of Daigle’s 2015 debut album: How Can It Be—Deluxe Edition. It was produced by the renowned drummer Paul Mabury, who has produced and provided drums for many amazing musicians including Brandon Heath, Bebo Norman, Leigh Nash, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, Steven Curtis Chapman and Amanda Cook.

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How did the album How Can It Be evolve?

We wrote for a year and a half before the recording process. In that time, there were a lot of things I was learning about myself, so I wrote from a place of honesty and what I needed to believe at the time. It organically formed itself with themes of grace, acceptance and redemption.


What was the inspiration behind this album?

It came from new seasons of life, new norms, new everything. I moved from Louisiana, where I was born and raised, to Nashville, TN—all by myself—to pursue the adventure of writing and becoming an artist. Shortly after arriving in Nashville, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within five months. He was my best friend. We were very close. In the midst of him becoming sick, I halted the recording process by about 3 months, and went home to be with him. The songs began to flow. I’d say the majority of the songs on the record were written within the one month period after his death. I wanted to carry on his legacy of love and give hope to any others going through similar situations.


How did growing up in Louisiana color your music?

Music in Louisiana is incredibly cultural. There is a rootsy grit to the pulse of music. People delight in connecting with their soul to create music that involves the masses, whether with sounds passed down for generations, or new spins on the old. I would say growing up in Louisiana has everything to do with the sounds I love—melodies that captivate your heart married with a groove that makes you want to move your feet. I love living in the pocket.


What is your creative process for writing songs?

Being still. It is priority for me. I love working from a place of overflow, and from a place of relaxation. It doesn’t have to be so calculated. I’m more on the pursuit of a response from the soul. That looks different in many ways, but you can’t be fearful of where the creative process may take you. A majority of the time, lyrics and melodies will come in my brain as I’m doing everyday activities—so I grab my phone and record. Other times, I will have watched a show, festival, movie—and I find inspiration birthed. Food inspires me to be creative as well. (Laughs) You have to commit to being a creative sponge at all times.


How did co-writing help?

I love the co-writing process. It allows writer’s to sharpen each other with new ideas and concepts. It challenges us to come to a place of creative unity. One writer might be a strong lyricist. Another might be prolific with melodies. Another might walk in with a great story. We are all able to build with each other.


What songwriting tip would you like to offer?

Pursue authenticity greater than success. Seek revelation of your own, and find your unique sounds to express that. Breathe.


How do you keep song ideas fresh?

Live. Take daily experiences and find something worthy of penning.


What is one instrument or equipment that you can’t live without—that helps you write, record or perform?

I actually write without instruments. I like coming up with melodies that rely significantly upon the voice. I carry my phone to record ideas and sing out the parts I hear for each instrument to play. I do play piano for enjoyment though. I love the drums, sax, trombone, upright bass. It reminds me of home.


Paul Mabury is known for his amazing drums/percussion. How did working with him influence this album?

Paul is a legend. He was not intimidated by the swampy sounds I wanted to bring to the table. He was able to take my upbringing, and make it commercially cohesive for the Christian audience to enjoy. He taught me to hear harmonies—layers and layers deep. I’m so thankful for his involvement. Funny enough, I trusted him even more when I found out he was a prolific drummer.


Coldplay albums seem to be a strong influence. What about them inspires you?

I love that they take people on a journey of the soul. Capture sounds. Every single song is a journey. I love their performance element. I’m going to see them for the first time this August—I can’t wait! I love how they combine sound with light and performance—the artistic element—they execute it perfectly. I love where it takes you.


Other than Coldplay, Top 5 Musicians who inspire you?

Amanda Cook, Adele, Joel Houston, Amy Winehouse, and John Mayer Trio.


Lauren full lengthHow did the idea of the song “How Can It Be” come to you?

Basically, I was in the studio. It was crunch time, and we were wrapping up the writing process before we started recording. I thought “we’re missing a song”—another song that should be on here that isn’t. I talked to my producer who said he would look in his catalog because he said there’s a song I think you would like. He told me about this passage in the Bible where a woman was caught in adultery, and was to be stoned. Jesus stepped in, and said, “Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone.” I just imagined how afraid she must have been. In my own life, there are moments of weakness—where I am afraid—afraid of my inadequacies. And this song is about Jesus helping you not be afraid of your inadequacies.


The production of your songs seems ready for pop radio, but your lyrics seem to be for Christian radio.

I think about this all the time. This is just my first record. I have dreams and goals of expanding into new places. It doesn’t mean that the heartbeat of who I am will ever change. First and foremost, I want people to know Jesus—and His care and concern for humans. I look at multiple platforms to reach a wider number of people. Lyrically, I signed with an indie Christian label, and I love it, but I miss another side of meeting with people who don’t know God. When I write alone—for myself—I write about anything and everything.


For someone who is only now discovering you and your music, what one thing will give some perspective on their new Lauren Daigle journey?

It’s my greatest desire for people to be encouraged, to see the heart of Jesus for themselves, and feel empowered with the tool to respond to Him. I’m honored to be a part!


What is most exciting about your amazing current tour?

Right now, I am out with Hillsong United on the Empires Tour. Many things excite me about the tour. I love how Hillsong approaches the stage with the mindset of excellence each night. They call the Church to step into all that God desires and has established for us. Each night is filled with the awe and wonder of heaven. The set is amazing and artful as well. It’s all very inspiring.


Are you working on another album?

I hope to be in the studio by January 2017.


What are your Top 5 favorite albums?

19 (2008) – Adele

Brave New World (2015) – Amanda Cook

Empires (2015) – Hillsong United

Ghost Stories (2014) – Coldplay

Mylo Xyloto (2011) – Coldplay

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