INFLUENCES: Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, the Band
ALBUM: Kin, out now

As descendants of Edgar Allan Poe, sister duo Larkin Poe has extended a long line of talented yet tempestuous artists. “We have a very colorful family history,” says Rebecca Lovell, 23. “There were a lot of creative, hot-headed and intelligent branches that went against the grain in our family tree.” Early on, Larkin Poe tapped into some of that. “Musically we’ve been a bit schizophrenic in our choices over the years,” says Megan Lovell, 25. “But we found a way to piece the fragments of our artistic personalities and musical tastes together.” Larkin Poe opened shows for Elvis Costello, and more recently released their debut album, Kin, for which they wrote together for the first time. “There are touchy factors at play in the creative process: ego, personal perspective—or in our case, sibling rivalry,” says Rebecca. “But as a result of collaborating, we’ve become closer and the songs have become better.”

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