bloom-twins-Issue-No31BLOOM TWINS

HOMETOWN: Kiev, Ukraine
INFLUENCES: The Beatles, Muse, Rudimental
ALBUM: Bloom Twins, TBA

The Bloom Twins—Anna and Sonia Kuprienko—have been sharing a stage together for most of their lives. “Music was and is the language we speak the best,” Anna says. Growing up in a small Ukrainian town outside Kiev, the 17-year-old twins participated in various entertainment competitions and performed at venues throughout the country. “Our parents were the main inspiration from a very young age,” Sonia says. “They made us fall in love with music, and they did all they could to surround us with it.”

Last year, they signed a contract with Next Model Management and relocated to London. While booking modeling gigs in top fashion magazines Tank, i-D, Schön and Italian Vogue, the singing siblings recorded their debut single, “Fahrenheit,” first released by electropop duo Kish Mauve. The sisters back up their talents with musicianship—they write their own songs and play keyboards, flute, harmonica and drums. “We experiment on the spot and see where the energy takes us,” Anna says, “jamming in the studio and adding things in as we record.” In contrast with today’s recording practices, their process is decidedly old-school. “We don’t even have a computer at home,” Sonia says. “So all the technology to make tracks ‘out of your bedroom’ is not part of our songwriting experience.”

The Bloom Twins are currently preparing their debut self-titled album, having attracted at least one high-profile fan—Axl Rose—who paid them a backstage visit following a recent U.K. performance. The whirlwind start has delighted the teens. “It’s like being a child at an attraction park,” Anna says. “You want to try it all, but you don’t fully understand the density of each ride. You just need to try it. The goal is in the journey to make our debut album, and to capture all of these emotions.”


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