Dr. Gruesome and the Gruesome Gory Horror Show


The second album from Snow White’s Poison Bite, a band carrying on the beautifully warped tradition of Finnish metal, is the music your parents warned about. By his own admission, frontman Allan Cotterill, aka Jeremy Thirteenth, is “out for blood,” and given the album’s traumatic horror-show imagery (graveyards, creeps, zombies) and ghoulish nihilism, it seems his desire will be fulfilled. Though some songs pack unrelenting guttural intensity, others feature moments that are almost cuddly, and much of “Zombie Romance” sounds like a wholesome ’50s courtship ballad. Of course, these maniacal Finns love stomping their distortion pedals, as on “Lurking Inside of You,” a screaming ode to the forbidden desires of one’s alter ego. “There’s someone lurking inside of you,” Cotterill sings, “haunting you every night and day.” One can only imagine what the release of this Mr. Hyde would bring, as the band’s plain-old Jekyll state is plenty demonic to begin with. –Ray Cavanaugh


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