Natalie-Gelman-Issue-No27NATALIE GELMAN

HOMETOWN: New York City
INFLUENCES: Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Fiona Apple
ALBUM: Streetlamp Musician, out now

Natalie Gelman grew up training with professionals from the Juilliard School and the New York City Opera. At 16, she borrowed a friend’s guitar and began writing songs. Too young to play the clubs, Gelman hit the city’s subways, busking on platforms for tips. She eventually became a popular fixture alongside the train tracks. In fact, Gelman is one of the rare musicians permitted to play underground by the New York Department of Transportation. Since graduating from the University of Miami with a vocal performance degree, Gelman has entertained audiences at more standard concert venues like House of Blues and Webster Hall. Her new album, Streetlamp Musician—produced by Charlie Midnight (James Brown) and Mark Needham (the Killers)—delves into deep subject matter. “There are a lot of heavy topics covered in my songs,” she says, “but always a bit of hope and vulnerability, childlike dreaming for some ideal.”

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