JAMES-TAYLOR-Issue-No27JAMES-TAYLOR-Issue-No27-album-artJAMES TAYLOR WAS AT THE HEIGHT OF STARDOM when photographer Norman Seeff shot this session for the 1975 album Gorilla. “It was one of those wonderful weekdays in Malibu when you can go to the beach and no one’s there,” says Seeff. Having previously worked with Taylor, Seeff was aware of his unassuming nature in front of the camera. “I wouldn’t say he was shy, but reserved, retiring,” he explains. “He was very much himself and didn’t feel any need to dance for anyone’s approval. We didn’t interact at an emotional place, but we did connect at a creative level. James had a secret metaphor that he associated with the music for the album. I didn’t ask what it meant, but I loved the abstract and graphic imagery he offered. That worked for me even though it wasn’t my usual intense, spontaneous style of working with artists.” During future sessions, Seeff found the singer’s demeanor never changed. “He was always that same real person,” says Seeff, “honest and noble.”


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