Affordable electronic drums that groove

With more than 45 years producing world-class drums, it’s not surprising that Yamaha’s DTX450K earns such high marks. The DTX450K is perfect for triggering samples in the studio or getting your groove on in any volume-conscious venue—including your living room. The most feature-rich model in Yamaha’s affordable DTX400 series, the DTX450K certainly doesn’t skimp in that department. The pads feel solid, the three-position hi-hat controller can function as a second kick-drum pedal, and the modest footprint is apartment friendly. Onboard, you’ll find 10 style-centric presets fueled by 165 quality drum samples plus USB connectivity for triggering samples in your DAW. And to help build your chops the DTX450K even features a set of 10 excellent practice routines.

–Doug Doppler

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