Wolf’s Law


 The sophomore effort from these Welsh alt-rockers offers guitars that crunch at heavy metal levels and vocals that soothe to the point of hypnosis. Mega distortion gives way to dreamy interludes and ethereal harmony, and frontwoman Ritzy Bryan’s voice conjures the drama and enchantment of Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan. On such tracks as “Tendons,” guttural bass lines drop to the depths of Welsh coal mines. Appropriately, there’s a song called “Bats,” the chorus of which proclaims, “We keep hanging on.” Indeed, a sense of resilience echoes through Wolf’s Law. It’s not defiance, but more a glistening hope at the end of a turbulent journey. “The Hurdle” best exemplifies this, capturing a mood of tension and angst but never despair. Ironically, the song “Silent Treatment” resonates most profoundly, as Bryan’s vocals blend gorgeously with acoustic guitar. Another standout, “Maw Maw Song,” is structurally diverse and undeniably engaging. The same might be said of the band. –Ray Cavanaugh

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