Fleetwood Mac

Photographer norman seeff rented a beautiful Malibu home overlooking the Pacific to shoot Fleetwood Mac for their 1979 album, Tusk. “They were like kids in a sandbox, having fun,” Seeff recalls. “But they also knew exactly what they were doing. They understood that by being spontaneous they would capture something they wouldn’t get if they were more controlled.” As the wine began to flow, the band became more rambunctious. “They were teasing one another, challenging each other, and being competitive in a playful way,” says Seeff. “At one point John McVie grabbed Stevie Nicks and carried her off into the smoke coming from a smoke machine.” Seeff says he’s seen similar chemistry in only a handful of groups. “Each had a strong, sharply defined personality,” he explains, “and yet when they interacted there was amazing synergy. No bad vibes, just a fascinating sense of intimacy.” Several years later Seeff did a solo session with Nicks, who recalled the Tusk shoot vividly. “She described it as mystical and magical,” he says, “a beautiful experience.”

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