HOMETOWN: London, England
INFLUENCES: Janis Joplin, Deep Purple, Björk
ALBUM: Union, out now

After establishing herself as one of the most sought-after session vocalists in London, Saint Saviour secured prime gigs as lead singer for indie pop outfits the RGBs and Groove Armada. In fact, she sang three tracks on Groove Armada’s Grammy-nominated 2010 album, Black Light, and joined them on their last headlining tour. Now Saint Saviour moves forward as a solo act with the arrival of her new album, Union. A former vocal coach, she set out to match her own soaring soprano with more ambitious, provocative songs that express her desires and fears. “The Saint Saviour music is me daydreaming about crazy things, romantic things, sad things,” she says. “I think this is more the blood and guts of me.” She was motivated by a slew of creative partnerships through the years. “I’ve been hanging about the periphery of music for a few years now,” she says, “mainly collaborating with electronic producers, writing really positive, upbeat pop-dance tunes.”

Saint Saviour, born Becky Jones in Stockton-on-Tees, England, has received comparisons to Kate Bush and Sinéad O’Connor for her ephemeral, trance-inducing performances. Saint Saviour prefers to maintain a certain level of privacy in her songs. “I never ever write about my own experience, my family life or relationships,” she says. “I’m not really interested in badgering on about my own life, I’d rather write about daydreams and the news, stuff that’s important rather than being self-indulgent.”

Bolstered by her recent successes, Saint Saviour is currently promoting Union through an extensive international touring schedule. Lauded for her energetic and emotionally charged stage demeanor, she admits that her uninhibited nature can be a double-edged sword. “I’ve been in situations as a performer where I’ve been told off, to learn to control myself,” she says. “I tend to get very, very excited onstage.”

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