INFLUENCES: Peter Gabriel, Imogen Heap, New Kids on the Block
ALBUM: Shut Your Trapper Keeper, out now
WEBSITE: nnxtmusic.com

 From age 4, Jessica Gore was a piano prodigy who spent much of her childhood playing in classical competitions. But her musical direction changed entirely a few years ago, when she got her hands on a four-track digital recorder. “It totally blew my mind that more than one instrument or voice could play and sing at the same time,” she recalls. “I would sit in my room for hours upon hours just layering sounds.” She began writing songs, and became fascinated with the process of music-making rather than the pretty faces that drew the attention of her peers. “I stopped caring so much about the actual artists on the cover and more about the names in the credits,” she says. “My dream was to see my name in those credits, not on the front cover.”Gore adopted a new moniker to go along with her one-woman-band electropop aesthetic, borrowing and modifying the name of the NN-XT sampler in the Reason digital music software program. Her first single, “Shut Your Trapper Keeper,” became a local radio favorite in her hometown of Atlanta. An album of the same name was released in April 2011, but NNXT has since signed with DigSin—a label built on a singles-only subscription model. Her latest is “Love Superhero”—written, performed and recorded, like all her songs, by Gore alone in her home studio.No matter how it reaches fans, what’s most important for Gore is that she has found her niche in the music world. “My brainchild, NNXT, was created through my fascination with pop songwriting and the natural marriage of electronic elements that I had in my possession,” she says. “I knew when I landed in NNXT-world, I was finally home. I see it as the perfect marriage of my two greatest passions: pop songwriting and electronic music.”

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