PHOTOGRAPHER NORMAN SEEFF WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS SESSION WITH the late Whitney Houston in 1990, at the height of her career. “I viewed her as a towering master of emotional expression, someone whose voice was transcendent,” he says. “I was thrilled about the opportunity.” Seeff rented a large studio for the shoot, replete with clothing and makeup specialists. “We had a substantial team, and she brought her own people,” he says. “She walked in drop-dead gorgeous—tall, slim and clear-eyed.” But it was Houston’s own gracious nature that left a lasting impression on the photographer. “She was one of the most appreciative people I’ve ever worked with,” he says. “Whitney was completely enthusiastic about everything I asked her to do. She was very interactive and vulnerable and open.” This outtake captures Houston in an unguarded moment, receiving a touch-up from her stylist. “You can see her lovely innocence, the clear-eyed person she was,” Seeff says. “I especially like this shot because it represents the feel of who she really was at the time: a lovely, communicative young woman who seemed delighted with her life and stress-free. We had a lovely time.”

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