Old Ideas


 It’s a funny thing to say about a septuagenarian, but Leonard Cohen has really grown into his voice. What was always a distinctive instrument has deepened on his new album into a resonant purr capable of insinuating itself into the deepest part of you. Old Ideas is only the 12th studio album in a musical career stretching back to 1967, but Cohen chooses his words with considerable care. He’s become more playful over the years, finding a joyous balance between the spiritual and sensual. He blends them to staggering effect on the achingly soulful “Show Me the Place,” while “Crazy to Love You” could describe the lengths of his devotion to a lover or a divinity equally. Cohen turns wry on opener “Going Home,” and plays the grizzled foil to crystalline female vocals on “Come Healing.” The arrangements throughout complement Cohen’s voice with elegant combinations of spare piano, guitar and hushed strings. Old ideas? Maybe, but they sound as good as new. –Eric R. Danton

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