Little Red Boots

Lindi Ortega knows she’s no Elvis Presley—she even sings a song called “I’m No Elvis Presley”—but she comes closer than any female Canadian country singer since k.d. lang. On pop-rockabilly opener “Little Lie,” Ortega revisits the King’s early days, pairing “That’s All Right”–style guitar with the rolling drums of “Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum,” the lead track on Bob Dylan’s late-career triumph Love and Theft. Ortega is no Bob Dylan either, but she is an incredibly versatile singer and songwriter—Dolly Parton perky one minute, Neko Case cool the next. “You’re gonna know me by my ruby-red lips,” she promises on the title track, sounding at once like a persistent lover, showbiz climber and coldblooded killer.

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