WHEN VETERAN ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER HENRY DILTZ TOOK HIS TEENAGE daughter to Nirvana’s concert at the Los Angeles Forum in December 1993, he hadn’t intended to shoot any pictures—but he secured a photo pass and took his cameras, just in case. “The first number, I see a bunch of my fellow photographers down at the front of the stage shooting like crazy,” he recalls. “I thought, ‘I’m an idiot. I’ve got my cameras, I ought to be down there doing what I do.’” Diltz told his daughter not to move and headed toward the stage. “Her mom had made me promise I wouldn’t leave her for a minute, so that was kind of a heavy thing,” he says. “I rushed back afterward. It was worth it.” Diltz didn’t expect this shot of frontman Kurt Cobain, taken in low light at a slow speed, to come out at all. “When I got the film back I was really surprised to see that one photo,” he says. “It should have been blurry. I considered that one some kind of a gift.” Cobain committed suicide only a few months later, in April 1994.

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