PHOTOGRAPHER HENRY DILTZ WAS ASKED TO TAKE black-and-white publicity shots of singer-songwriter James Taylor. After first setting up in Taylor’s living room, Diltz suggested they head to a farm near the Cahuenga Pass in Hollywood owned by his friends Cyrus and Renee Faryar. Once there, Diltz recalls, “James leaned on a big post, and it looked so good. But I knew it would look really good in color.” Diltz asked Taylor to stay where he was while frantically reaching into his bag for a camera with color film and switching out the lenses. The color shots were intended for Diltz’s own collection, but Taylor’s manager was impressed enough to pick one as the cover of the singer’s now-classic 1970 Sweet Baby James. “I thought it was kind of ironic,” Diltz says. “I did what they wanted, but then when I did what I wanted it became an album cover—almost by accident.”

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