PHOTOGRAPHER HENRY DILTZ SNAPPED THE COVER shot of Dan Fogelberg’s 1974 album Souvenirs in the living room of art designer Gary Burden’s Topanga Canyon, Calif., home. “Gary collected Indian artifacts, and among them was that eagle feather,” recalls Diltz. “Dan picked it up, and that looked so great it became the album cover. There was such an intensity to the way he was looking at the camera. It had an ancient quality to it.” The sepia tone was achieved by using Anscochrome 500, a rare film stock discontinued shortly after the shoot. Diltz remained friends with Fogelberg until the artist’s death in 2007. “He was an amazingly talented person who was very private,” Diltz says. “He would write this beautiful music and poetry that people would fall in love with, but he did it for himself. He didn’t feed off of his stardom in any way. He was one of those people who was truly an artist from within.”

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