New for the iPhone: high-quality guitar recording! AmpKit is a virtual amp, effects board and recorder, and AmpKit LiNK interface plugs you in.

FOR: Recording on the go. The LiNK is smaller than the iPhone, so taking it to practice or on the road is a snap. It even eliminates crosstalk, so it can be used as a very low latency preamp and sent out to speakers. AmpKit is a free app, although it is equipped with a built-in gear store for racking up more cabinets, effects and microphones. Once the arsenal is complete, there are countless combinations to tweak the tone of any guitar part coming through it. Move the position of the mic on the cabinet, or play with the stompbox controls until it’s just right. AmpKit keeps a recording of the clean guitar track so you can always go back and re-amp something.

NOT FOR: Amp traditionalists.

–Dave Jones

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