Ryan Shupe – Just Say Yes

When asked about his new video, “Just Say Yes,” Ryan Shupe said, “Sometimes you just want to hit the road and leave everything behind. That’s the vibe I wanted to capture with the song ‘Just Say Yes.’ I love the imagery of hitting the road, driving all night and wind blowing through your hair. I think the production has a nice building effect, with the piano and mandolin, that creates a feeling of anticipation and urgency for the call to action: Just Say Yes!

For the video, I thought of a concept that incorporated wedding proposals. I looked all over YouTube watching countless wedding proposal videos. I was looking for some great reactions and excellent video footage. I also wanted the guy to get down on one knee; I thought that was an important aspect of the proposals. After we selected the videos, we got permission and edited them in with some live band footage. I think the video turned out really great and captured the moments perfectly.

Ryan Shupe violin guitar

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