Get your groove on

FOR: Killer drum tracks. Toontrack Music has created a Sweetwater-exclusive drum extravaganza, bundling the world’s No. 1 selling drum program and 11 of its best-selling EZX expansion packs. If you’re a songwriter, engineer or producer with a need to craft loops and/or MIDI-based drums across multiple genres, this massive offering will definitely up your groove factor. EZdrummer’s intuitive interface loads as a plug-in and allows you to easily sample the EZX sounds and MIDI libraries before dragging and dropping them onto the timeline of your favorite recording application. Each of the EZX expansion packs are recorded in world-class studios and bring the best drummers, gear and engineers to your sessions (virtually, that is). Starting your session with EZdrummer assures bumping grooves from start to finish. Included EZX packs: Classic EZX, Metalheads EZX, Electronic EZX, Jazz EZX, Funkmasters EZX, Twisted Kit EZX, Nashville EZX, Claustrophobic EZX, Drumkit From Hell EZX and Vintage Rock EZX.

NOT FOR: Acoustic-guitar campfire sing-alongs.

–Doug Doppler

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