Pro-quality, smooth and portable

FOR: Big sound in small and medium venues. The Bose L1 Model II uses Articulated Array speaker technology to apply Bose’s typical outside-the-box logic to portable PAs. Complemented by a lone subwoofer (you can add more), the offset speaker design of the L1 Model II arrays disperse audio nearly 180 degrees on the horizontal axis while projecting little sound toward the floor or ceiling, dramatically reducing room-generated reverb. The T1 ToneMatch audio engine is a four-channel mixer with studio-quality effects that optimize channel EQ for more than 100 specific mics and input sources. We found the tones and projection to be nothing short of outstanding, and discovered that the dedicated tech support actually answers the phone—even on Saturdays.

NOT FOR: Inside-the-boxers.

–Doug Doppler

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