Future This


Hyping this follow-up to their stunner of a debut, A Brief History of Love, U.K. duo Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell have talked a lot about the influence of pop and hip-hop. Indeed, synths and samples here fill space once reserved for fuzz guitar and live drums, but the Big Pink was never a traditional rock band. Like its predecessor, Future This points back to 1991, when groups like EMF, Jesus Jones and most notably U2 began experimenting with electronic dance music, creating a new kind of stadium rock. What’s different this time is the overall tone. The Big Pink’s breakout 2009 single “Dominos” presented frontman Furze as something of a playboy, and although he often conveyed a brooding sincerity, this disc’s standout tracks—“Stay Gold,” “Hit the Ground (Superman),” and “Lose Your Mind”—feel more earnest and exuberant. When things get bombastic, the band isn’t just showing off—it’s uplifting the masses. –KP

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