HOMETOWN: Brookline, Mass.
MEMBERS: Amy Heidemann (vocals, guitar), Nick Noonan (keyboards, trombone, vocals)
ALBUM: As yet untitled, due out in 2012
WEBSITE: karminmusic.com

Nebraska-born Heidemann and Maine native Noonan met and began performing together while attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music. “We were like, ‘We’ve tried all these different things, we should really do something ourselves because nobody is ever going to care as much about our music as we do,’” Heidemann recalls. The two caught the outside world’s attention with a series of viral videos that showcased in particular Heidemann’s skills as a rapper on covers of current hits. “People look at Amy and expect her to be a straight-up pop singer, but she busts out a rap and she just slays it,” Noonan notes. “I also think the attitude is what throws people—she completely embodies it.” The duo recently released its major-label debut single, “Crash Your Party.” We like to think of it as our introduction to the music industry,” Noonan says. “It lives in the pop world, but it has a lot of urban elements, like dirty-sounding drums.”

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