Big tones in a small package

FOR: Component-based modeling software. We’d heard about Peavey’s component-driven approach to modeling, but closer inspection leaves no doubt the company has done an excellent job of recreating amplifier dynamics in a way that modeling software has often failed to deliver. The ability to mix and match pre-amps, power amps, tubes and more provides a wide range of tone-shaping options. The massive range and quality of speaker-cabinet combinations was equally outstanding. With Strat in hand, we stacked the ’62 Bluesbreaker pre-amp, JCM900 power-amp and vintage Marshall 4×12 models together to create one of the most satisfying Jimi-licious tones we’ve heard in a long time.

NOT FOR: Those lacking in digital real estate. In plug-in mode ReValver was quite memory intensive.

– Doug Doppler

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