AmericanaFest 2017

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Portrait Sessions

Photography by Jeff Fasano


“AmericanaFest is the best music festival,” says Jeff Fasano. “It’s about words and music. I like that you have to think about what you are listening to. The musicians in this genre have a lot to say, and they craft their music to tell a story. It’s a songwriter’s audience.”

When asked why it resonates so well with him, Fasano says, “When you want to hear what people have to say, and how they feel or hear a good story, you go to Americana music. I feel a deep resonance in my soul with not only the music but the artists who create it.”

“I have been attending the AmericanaFest for nine years. We started this when I formed a partnership with M Music& Musicians magazine and the Americana Music Association to create the Portrait Sessions. Each year, AmericanaFest brings together legendary artists and the next generation of rising stars. For the past seven years, I have had the good fortune of photographing these amazing artists and in 2017, we continued the tradition of The Portrait Sessions. Here’s a sampling of the artists I photographed during AmericanaFest 2017.”


Dave Alvin

AmericanaFest 2017


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