The-Tomas-Doncker-Band-M-Review-No28The Tomás Doncker Band

Howlin’ Wolf EP

Talk about a resume. A veteran of New York City’s avant-noisy No Wave scene of the early ’80s, guitarist Tomás Doncker has played with everyone from Bonnie Raitt to electro-dub producers. If anything links the various styles he’s explored, it may be the blues, and here, he covers five songs made famous by Mississippi legend Howlin’ Wolf. Doncker recorded the EP for a stage show called Diablo Love, and he plays these tunes with theatricality, evoking the spirit of—but wisely never trying to mimic—Wolf’s signature growl. On a spoken-word bit midway through “Smokestack Lightning,” he addresses those who say they don’t like the blues: “You wrong.” Then he shows them why.


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