Big tones in a small box

FOR: Amplifying acoustic instruments. The Artist is the latest addition to Fishman’s award-winning Loudbox line. Packed with tons of features, this amp will get you heard loud and clear in small venues and beyond, thanks to the robust direct-out feature set. It’s lightweight and portable, but sports plenty of power. What amazed us was the depth and quality of the tones, which are nothing short of amazing: great body, natural-sounding highs and expansive dynamics. The anti-feedback and filter controls allowed us to quickly dial out rumble even at higher volumes. The twin channels sport combination quarter-inch and XLR input jacks, and phantom power to bring our favorite vocal mic to life with warmth and clarity. The digital effects were crystalline, and bass sounded especially nice with a spot of chorus and reverb. If you’re looking to amplify your acoustic mix, this is one small box that’s downright grand.

NOT FOR: The never-say-die electric player.

–Doug Doppler

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