The Complete EP Collection

[Engine Company]

There’s something funny about packaging two EPs and calling it the “complete” collection, though it’s accurate in James McCartney’s case. The English singer and songwriter has released two digital EPs, and this compilation is the first time they’re available in physical form. McCartney plays with a jittery seat-of-his-pants sensibility that sets him apart from his famous father, Paul—there’s a restless energy coursing through even the slower tunes. Those come on the second half, as if McCartney paused to reflect on life, love and family after a frenetic dash through the raucous rock ’n’ roll of guitar rave-ups like “Angel.” He offers a sweet tribute to his father on “I Love You Dad” and a loving elegy for his mother, Linda McCartney, on “Wings of a Lightest Weight.” He’s their son, yes, but the depth and variety of the songs here show he’s his own man. –ED

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